What do I offer?

  • a one-on-one service
  • an hour at a time commitment
  • assistance with planning or organising any aspect of your wedding
  • someone to keep you calm at any point in the process
  • assistance with filling out forms, negotiating contracts etc

How does it work?

Email me with brief outline of your situation. If I think I can help then we’ll organise to meet.

I may do some research before our meeting. Sometimes, talking in person, we may discover that it’s actually something else that’s really bothering you. That’s ok.

Ideally at the end of each meeting I’ll have some simple actions for you to follow to move forward.

You are only committed to one meeting at a time. Whenever you feel you can manage the situation yourself, you should do so.

Why do I do this?

After helping my sister-in-laws’ plan their weddings I realised I have a unique skill set. I like helping people and I’m good at organising. In my day job I work in project management – a wedding is just a different sort of project.


My fees are dependent on what you can afford and what you think my assistance is worth.

Do you have a service I can benefit from? I’m happy to do a barter.